Realeyes Granted US Patent For AI-Powered Solution That Measures Consumers’ Emotional Responses And Attention Levels To Live Ad Campaigns

Elnar Hajiyev

Elnar Hajiyev

March 11, 2019 - David Waterhouse, VP of Marketing at Realeyes, writes: Emotion AI company Realeyes today announces it’s been granted a US patent that would make it the only company to have face-reading technology that measures viewers’ emotional and attention responses to ad campaigns in real time.

The martech company, whose pioneering AI technology helps brands such as Coca-Cola and Hershey’s maximise the impact of their video marketing, will enable advertisers to track consumers’ facial reactions and body movements to live ad campaigns using webcams. Webcams would only be accessed if given explicit consent by the viewer.

Realeyes’ AI-powered solutions currently measure the emotional responses and attention levels of consenting consumers to video ads, helping advertisers maximise the impact and ROI of their content before launch.

Patent number 10,194,213 means Realeyes can now integrate its proprietary behaviour-tracking technology into VAST/ VPAID or similar online ad protocols, enabling marketers to monitor viewers’ facial reactions and body movements to their video content in real-time through a video player. The patent is the second granted to the emotion AI company to protect this technology.

Realeyes co-founder and CTO, Elnar Hajiyev [pictured], said: “For far too long, brands have had to rely on campaign metrics that simply do not tell the full story. Our new technology will change that, taking marketers out of the Dark Ages of click-through rates using the speed and scale of Emotion AI." More...