Realeyes: The Study - 24 Luxury Brand Videos Watched by High-Income Viewers

RealEyes Luxury Study .png

October 30, 2017 - Realeyes, an innovative platform for measuring emotional responses, has collaborated with the Luxury Institute to run a study to see how high income, US households emotionally responded to 24 luxury videos released within the last 24 months.

An audience of over 1200 people, split across two income segments: ($100K - $150K and over $150k) watched 24 videos. Using their webcam and the latest computer vision technology, their emotional responses were measured, reported and analysed in order to better understand what drives successful luxury advertising. 

"We designed this study to see whether the luxury industry, having a very strong tradition of creating a mysterious and distant dream in its advertising, is changing its game as consumers themselves are changing. 

The results have proved luxury brands are becoming more appreciative of creating emotional engagement with a viewer. Luxury has always been at the forefront of advertising creativity, and we’re beginning to see the industry challenge and reinvent itself." - Mihkel Jäätma, Realeyes CEO. More...