Realeyes to partner with FCB Chicago

John Kenny

John Kenny

July 24, 2017 - Realeyes, a leading emotion measurement platform has announced a collaboration with FCB Chicago, an arm of the global advertising agency. FCB Chicago will add Realeyes emotion analytics technology to its research toolset.

Using computer vision and machine learning techniques, Realeyes tracks how people feel as they watch video content online through their webcams. Emotion data received from such tests is a genuine reflection of viewers’ perception due to the subconscious nature of human emotions. The technology measures six emotions, such as happiness, surprise, confusion, sadness, disgust, and fear; as well as four proprietary metrics – attraction, engagement, attention, and impact. The four metrics contribute to an overall EmotionAll® score of a video, ranging from 1 to 10. The data is compared against the industry norms to indicate how well a video would perform. 90 % of human decision making is driven by emotions, and that’s why emotional engagement with a video is one of the key contributors to brand performance.  

Realeyes technology provides fast, precise and all-encompassing emotional intelligence reports for short form video content. Second by second, Realeyes’ dashboard shows a content owner the journey they will take their viewer on. The emotion data presents a detailed picture of how a video is perceived by different age groups, both genders, and individual countries. This data enables a brand, agency, or content producer to make well-founded and emotionally intelligent creative and media decisions. FCB Chicago will be using the emotion data for creative testing, content optimization, identifying strong performing videos, and competitive benchmarking. 

Chief Strategy Officer John Kenny [pictured] commented: “Realeyes really brings the promise of biometric research to life.  Delivering a fast, easy-to-use platform, that is built on the latest thinking on how advertising actually works, with proven in-market results to back up their findings.  With Realeyes, marketers can finally break free of the 1950s’ methodologies and timelines that have dominated creative testing for so long.” More...