RealityMine Announces New RealLife Data Feeds

Billy Grant

Billy Grant

May 16, 2019 - RealityMine today announced the rollout of new RealLife Data Feeds across its host of RealLife products.

Measurement for Walmart’s US website and app, alongside more extensive global Amazon shopper data, is now available to clients as part of the rollout. In addition, app recognition has been enhanced through improved algorithmic and manual validation.

Other key features of the rollout include:
- Improved measurement of ad exposure within YouTube, and improved quality and accuracy of data on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

- Improved cleansing of background and network traffic on websites.

- Respondent level data outputs which enable researchers to now ask questions of the data in exactly the same manner as they would in a survey.

Billy Grant [pictured], Head of Product, commented: “The addition of Walmart measurement alongside more extensive Amazon shopper data is a powerful combination for our clients looking to gain insight into the shopper journey. Several features of the new feeds also make behavioural data more research-ready than ever before. We remain committed to providing our clients with robust, easy to use, single-source behavioural data to gain a fuller, more accurate picture of the customer journey.” More...