Research Now Launches SmartTracker™

Roddy Knowles

Roddy Knowles

PLANO (November 8, 2017)Research Now, the global leader in digital research data for better insights and decision-making, announces the launch of SmartTracker™, a new data-rich market research solution which enhances both existing and new tracker studies. SmartTracker enables market researchers, brand managers, and advertising agencies to directly connect tracker survey data to diverse data sources for more relevant insights to optimize strategic decisions and improve business results.

SmartTracker maintains data consistency from existing research studies, while offering the benefit of leveraging supplemental data to drive new insights without changing existing surveys. It allows new tracker studies to be designed with a more robust view of consumers, with benefits such as shorter, more focused surveys.

The types of data SmartTracker can integrate include:

  • Third-party data – such as, segmentation, financial, life stage, automotive – to broaden and deepen understanding of consumers and enhance analysis
  • Research Now first-party profile data with over 1,100 attributes to supplement or replace existing survey questions with confidence
  • Advertising exposure data to increase understanding of impact of ads on key brand metrics, read the pulse of the market regarding the impact of advertising creative, and optimize and drive improvement of advertising ROI
  • Customer data – such as sales and CRM data – to link survey data directly with known behaviors

“Preserving methodological integrity while increasing the relevancy of trackers, we are providing new takeaways from the data and enhancing the depth of data collected to better fuel insights,” said Roddy Knowles [pictured], Director of Product and Research Methodology at Research Now. “By integrating additional data to these important longitudinal studies, our clients are able to better leverage existing tracker research as well as make new tracker surveys shorter and more focused – a big win for these traditionally lengthy surveys.” More...