Research Now SSI Partners with RealityMine; Introduces SamplePlus® Meter

Jared Schiers

Jared Schiers

Dallas, Texas (December 12, 2018) – Research Now SSI, a global leader in first-party data and data services, announces SamplePlus Meter solution. Through a partnership with RealityMine, SamplePlus Meter combines observed data from online web, app, and search behavior with Research Now SSI’s panel data and integrated third-party datasets, as well as its deep library of profile attributes. Bringing together information about actual digital interactions with high-quality, opted-in panel data that is actively managed, provides marketers, brand advertisers and agencies with more reliable data and a powerful tool for identifying specific audiences and understanding customer touchpoints along the path to purchase.

SamplePlus Meter provides precise audience selection and near-real-time feedback. This innovative permission-based solution collects unique global behavioral data including:

- Web and app usage such as social media and commerce sites
- Search terms such as “restaurants near me” or “cold remedies”
- In-app media from media service providers
- Amazon e-commerce funnel activity including purchases

RealityMine’s meter technology passively monitors activity from personal computers, tablets, and smartphones with the participant’s permission, providing insights to understand how consumers research their purchasing decisions.

Research Now SSI has the largest dataset of its kind, with a reach that encompasses 60 million people globally and a library of over 2,700 profile attributes, a range of rich data that sets a new standard for data-driven intelligence.

“Behavioral data allows us to observe people’s natural interactions with websites and apps as well as their media consumption,” said Jared Schiers [pictured], SVP of Product Development at Research Now SSI. “Our partnership with RealityMine expands our ability to provide reliable high-quality data to marketers and advertisers so they can understand where and how consumers search. Armed with this information, they’ll know the consumer’s path to purchase and can refine their audience identification.” More...