Robert Kittell, P.E. of Huawei Joins I-COM Data Science Hackathon Attending Jury

I-COM is pleased to announce that Robert Kittell, P.E. [pictured], Analytics Architect of Huawei, is joining the I-COM Data Science Hackathon Attending Jury. 

Robert Kittell, P.E. is Technology Diplomat to the OpenROADS Community, where he is developer of initiatives in Big Data Monetization, Digital Transformation, Journey-based NPS Modeling, and High Performance Computing.

Sponsored by Huawei GTS as Analytics Architect, Robert has delivered innovation in the areas of Universal Customer View, Economic Clustering, Financial Vector Transformation, and Business Outcome Prediction.

Robert has over 30 years experience in advanced analytics, with a specialization in computational statistics, decision science and stochastic financial modeling. He holds a Masters Degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, and is a licensed Professional Engineer; his contributions to the field of Big Data are delivered through the lens of Engineering Scientist.

He is a published author, invited speaker, past PhD competition Data Science judge, and has been awarded 4 US patents. He has served in international leadership roles in R&D, Operations, Marketing Support, Consulting and Client Services. More…