Rocket Fuel Awarded Two Patents to Help Leverage First-Party Cookies to More Meaningfully Reach Consumers

Mark Torrance

Mark Torrance

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL), the leading predictive marketing platform, today announced that it issued its first two patents, both designed to address third-party cookie restrictions. These patents allow advertising technology providers, in partnership with publishers and advertisers, to identify and analyze consumer behavior in order to help brands and advertisers reach and engage with their audiences more effectively.

US Patent No. 9,641,632 -- "Method of Storing a Web User ID in First-Party Cookies" -- gives ad tech providers a way to address third-party cookie restrictions that exist within many types of browsers. With agreement from a publishing partner, ad tech providers can access hard to reach consumer data and browsing activity by storing user data in a publisher's first-party cookies, after briefly redirecting the browser to the ad tech provider's server. Once a publisher stores the consumer data, they can be redirected back to the provider with no noticeable impact on the consumer's browsing experience. In addition, this data can be reported and cross-referenced with data collected from other sources to provide more robust historical browsing information.

US Patent No. 9,691,080 -- "First-Party Cookie Attribution" -- also enables an ad tech provider to benefit from the first party cookies of an advertiser, but with a focus on gaining enhanced attribution data. The advertiser stores ad-tech-partner-specific data in their first-party cookie during each user visit to their website. Later the advertiser shares that data with the ad tech partner to help them reliably measure attribution; that is, which ad(s) were shown that influenced the consumer to make a purchase or take a desired action. With this technology, providers can track a user's first visit to a publisher's website through to conversion regardless of how many browsing sessions occur in the interim.

"With more and more ad blocking methods popping up within the industry, ad tech providers find it more challenging to connect directly with consumers on publisher sites," said Mark Torrance [pictured], CTO of Rocket Fuel. "It's because of this that we wanted to find a way for publishers and technology providers to work more effectively with current cookie technology so that both advertisers and consumers can benefit from more strategic and tailored ad placement." More...