Sadoun: Epsilon 'Completes Our Set Of Assets'

Arthur Sadoun

Arthur Sadoun

July 2, 2019 - Larissa Faw of MediaPost writes: Publicis Groupe CEO Arthur Sadoun [pictured] dismisses the notion that the Groupe's $4 billion acquisition of data provider Epsilon was critical to remaining competitive within Adland's ever-shifting landscape, but he admits that this deal "accelerates" the business model Publicis has been developing.

Creativity, technology and media have been the center of the Groupe's assets, and Epsilon helps provides them "at scale," he explains.

“Our model was already working to win new business and help existing clients, but Epsilon will enable us to better scale these services to clients at competitive prices,” he says. “Epsilon completes our sets of assets harmoniously, with data capabilities that are second to none.”

Epsilon's advantages are threefold, says Sadoun. For one, the Groupe can flesh out its first-party data -- particularly among the retail landscape with its "multiple touchpoints." Second, the Groupe's additional data sets are "enriched" with Epsilon's information to help link more than 7,000 attributes.

These connections will be particularly advantageous to automotive, financial and retail clients, he says. In addition, Epsilon delivers the numbers in aggregation. This activates personalized intelligence at scale, Sadoun says. More...