Samba TV Acquires Screen6, Forming First Global OTT Measurement Solution

Ashwin Navin

Ashwin Navin

December 20, 2018 - San Francisco, CA – Dec 20, 2018 – As the audience for video splits across devices and consumer viewing behavior shifts from linear TV to streaming video, the ability to understand, measure and deduplicate audiences has become critical for both advertisers and programmers. Samba TV, the leader in next-generation TV analytics, announced today it has acquired Screen6, the industry’s only real-time cross-device identity resolution platform.

Samba’s real-time TV viewership data combined with Screen6 technology for cross-device identification provides advertisers, publishers, and platforms immediate access to Samba’s suite of cross-screen measurement solutions to optimize reach and mitigate excess frequency of brand messages.

This groundbreaking combination aims to limit repetitive advertising across TV and streaming video. Advertisers can now extend reach, optimize frequency and drive conversion with a unified view of advertising across digital, over-the-top and linear TV. With the opportunity to adapt campaigns in a timely fashion, not only does this improve returns on ad spend, it reduces waste and dramatically improves consumer experience.

“Integrated with conversion analytics, every brand will need to carefully optimize reach and frequency across legacy and emerging channels mitigating the risk of destroying brands from over-exposure,” said Samba TV CEO and co-founder Ashwin Navin [pictured]. “The currency for brand advertising in the future will be a solution that can programmatically adapt campaigns in real-time, tied to how consumers shift between platforms throughout their day.” More...