SKO Supplies Fusion Data TV and Online Ratings 6+

July 10, 2017 - It is now possible (from reporting date July 3rd) to report on cross-media reach of programmes and video commercials for all individuals of 6 years and older in the Netherlands. Fusion data provide insights in the overlap between viewers reached on the TV-screen and via online devices.

Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO) supplies a data set with fused online and TV ratings. Since April 21st it was already possible to report for Dutch individuals aged 6 to 64 years. In the last months, SKO has successfully aligned the weighting schemes in the TV- and Online panel, making it possible to now report on the total population of 6 years and older.

Videodata Integration Model
The hybrid data model has been set up by SKO and is executed by the name: “Videodata Integration Model” (VIM). All SKO-stakeholders (Screenforce, NPO, PMA and BVA) are involved in the VIM project. Daily data fusion is provided by Kantar Media. With the release of fused Online and TV ratings for 6+ individuals a new important step has been accomplished in the integration model.

Frans Kok, managing director ad interim at SKO, comments: “With the daily delivery of fused ratings we are world’s first. I am very proud that SKO continues leading the way in audience measurement innovation. This is an optimal way to adapt audience measurement to the new forms of viewing behaviour.” Download Full Press Release