Southeast Toyota Distributors Expands Relationship with Acxiom

Steve Letourneau

Steve Letourneau

CONWAY, Ark.–(June 12, 2019)–Acxiom, the data and technology foundation for the world’s best marketers, today announced that Southeast Toyota Distributors, the world’s largest independent distributor of Toyotas, has expanded its 15-year data relationship with the company.

In an effort to create a unified and privacy-compliant view of their customers and prospects across channels while connecting its Martech and Adtech ecosystems, Southeast Toyota Distributors will utilize Acxiom’s award-winning Unified Data Layer (UDL) framework to power its marketing platform at the data layer. The resulting solution will enable Southeast Toyota Distributors to better understand their customers and prospects, have meaningful conversations with them at every point in their brand journey, and lower the company’s cost of acquisition while improving conversion.

The path to auto purchase has changed in this digitally disrupted landscape. Consumers still visit dealerships, but the path also includes online research, reviews and comparison. While so much has changed, people have changed far less – they still appreciate good service, relevance, and being heard. This is fundamental to customer relationship management and requires recognizing and understanding the customer digitally and offline to deliver a frictionless, easy buying experience and provide an all-around satisfying ownership experience people desire.

“Southeast Toyota Distributors has been on a digital transformation journey to better enable a seamless experience to our existing customers and those considering a purchase,” said Sheri Gosselin, Director of Customer Journey at Southeast Toyota Distributors. “The Acxiom solution allows us to bring together all of our data and existing marketing and advertising technologies, like our onboarding provider, campaign management tool and DMP, into one activation center that has privacy-compliance built in. We’re able to continue to build on our capabilities without replacing things that are working well.”

“Expanding our 15-year relationship with Southeast Toyota Distributors is both rewarding and exciting,” said Steve Letourneau [pictured], VP, Strategic Growth at Acxiom. “The innovation we’ve achieved with our Unified Data Layer framework is particularly meaningful when a long-time client recognizes additional value Acxiom can bring to their marketing efforts. Acxiom has gained a lot of traction with UDL; from the launch of our UDL framework, we have successfully implemented 20 UDL solutions, and the UDL won a BIG Innovation Award presented by the Business Intelligence Group earlier this year. We are thrilled to bring this capability, along with our experience in identity resolution and expertise in ethical use of data, to our valued partners at Southeast Toyota Distributors, enabling them to navigate this disrupted digital landscape with relevance and respect, so every customer journey is a memorable one.” More...