Sprinklr Unveils Intuition: AI to Help Brands Scale One-to-One Customer Relationships Across 25+ Social Channels

Grad Conn

Grad Conn

New York, NY – April 26, 2018 – Sprinklr, the world’s leading Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform, today announced Sprinklr Intuition, a set of artificial intelligence capabilities that tackle the biggest social media management challenge facing brands today: managing an ever-growing number of digital interactions to deliver better, more human experiences for every customer — at scale. With this launch, Sprinklr is now the only enterprise software provider giving brands AI capabilities to listen, engage, and reach customers across 25+ channels including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As a result of direct customer feedback, Sprinklr is introducing Intuition, a set of artificial intelligence capabilities that automates a high volume of decisions, actions, and data analysis at a scale and speed beyond human ability. Intuition — built into the core of Sprinklr’s platform — can be used across social, marketing, advertising, research, commerce, and care in Sprinklr’s Experience Cloud.

Intuition has the ability to process an average of 700+ million messages per day across social channels, and can learn to recognize patterns in social data to become smarter with every customer interaction. Today, two Intuition features are available — Intuition Smart Alerts and Intuition Moderation — with more being launched in the coming months.

“Today, it’s normal for people to expect a 1:1, personalized relationship with a brand across every social channel. But it’s impossible for brands to meet that expectation if they’re manually identifying, sorting, and responding to social media messages. And when it comes to recognizing and managing an emerging crisis across social channels, every moment counts,” said Grad Conn [pictured], Chief Experience and Marketing Officer, Sprinklr. “With Intuition, Sprinklr is addressing these challenges by delivering practical artificial intelligence capabilities that help brands save time and focus on what’s important — increasing the number of valuable human to human connections.” More...