TBS CMO: Art Helps Us Create Content, But Data Shows Us The Path To Consumption

Michael Engleman

Michael Engleman

January 24, 2018 - Kelly Liyakasa, senior editor for AdExchanger, writes: TBS and TNT's new CMO, Michael Engleman [pictured], is on a mission to make the networks' brand marketing engine much more agile.

Engleman, who helped rebrand the Sci Fi Channel as SyFy during his time at NBCUniversal, thinks broadcasters will be forced to adapt as new content producers and channels compete for consumer attention.

For years, entertainment marketers would focus on driving viewers to big opening nights, hoping to build momentum to drive more business, Engleman said.

But those days are over, and Engleman must build mindshare for Turner’s properties in a social and digital world.

Engleman spoke with AdExchanger about Turner’s evolving multiplatform marketing effort.

AdExchanger: At your last upfront, Turner’s president said TBS wasn’t just TV. It was omnichannel. Has that created a new learning curve for you?

MICHAEL ENGLEMAN: We think about marketing much differently today. We’ve shifted from a demographically minded process to a psychographically minded process.

Rather than broadcasting to consumers, it’s building relationships with fans, using data tools and audience development to build relationships with individuals at scale.

We will continue to think about how entertainment is being redefined, and ways we can extend the IP of the shows we’ve launched in the last couple years beyond just a half-hour or hour-long format. More...