TechBytes with Chris Zaloumis, Senior Director, Enterprise Video Offerings, IBM

Chris Zaloumis

Chris Zaloumis

August 21, 2018 - Sudipto Ghosh of Martech Series, writes: Video has taken the enterprise by storm. B2B video is poised to grow exponentially in the years to come. To understand how enterprises could leverage video for B2B outreach, we spoke to Chris Zaloumis [pictured], Senior Director, Enterprise Video Offerings, IBM.

Tell us about your role at IBM and the team and technology that you handle.

I am the Senior Director of Enterprise Video Offerings at IBM, where I lead a team of product managers and strategic technology partners to create cutting-edge video solutions for the enterprise. I’m responsible for corporate strategy and partner development, the product roadmap and management, as well as global R&D marketing.

How do you see trends in Video performance influencing the purchasing cycle in real-time?

Rapid innovation in video technology has affected content creation and consumption, and consequently the overall purchasing cycle. More and more, brands are looking for agile providers that are equipped to acclimate to the latest advancements in video technology. It’s the reason we’re seeing on-premise solutions going out of style, in favor of more dynamic cloud-based solutions that can adapt and grow with the needs of a business. 

What are the core tenets of IBM Cloud Video’s streaming video technology?

IBM Cloud Video is focused on enabling brands to drive better results for their on-demand and live video content. We equip companies like Herman Miller and IBM’s own CIO Office with solutions that simplify every aspect of workflow management and streaming video through an array of tools and AI-powered technologies. Ultimately, our goal is to help brands power higher engagement with their audiences, while improving workflow efficiency and boosting overall ROI. More...