The Mentorship Gap: New Research from Mindshare U.S. Highlights Opportunities in the Workplace

Danielle Koffer

Danielle Koffer

NEW YORK—April 16, 2019—The past few weeks have brought forward countless news stories, research, and features around the gender pay gap in the U.S. And now new data from Mindshare U.S., the global media agency network that’s part of WPP, highlights some of the other critical areas in the workplace where there’s a gender gap in opportunities and benefits.

Mindshare U.S.’s Insights team surveyed over 700 adults across the U.S., gathering insights across workplace cultures, benefits, and more. Key takeaways are as follows.

Companies are lacking in mentorship and coaching

Nearly half (42%) of U.S. employees said that their companies either don’t offer any mentorship programs or don’t offer enough of them. Men are more likely than women to say that they either get enough or more than enough mentorship programs at work, at 57% vs. 42%.

Nearly two-thirds (66%) of U.S. employees rank ongoing feedback or coaching on their work as an important or very important benefit in the workplace. Yet more than one-fourth (28%) of people surveyed said that they either don’t get enough ongoing coaching or feedback on their work or that their companies don’t even offer it. And women are more likely than men to say that as well, at 31% vs. 25%. Or, if breaking down the overall population by age, those that are ages 55-64 are most likely to feel that way as well, at 31%.

“It’s not enough to simply have a once-a-year review, and then set it and forget it,” said Danielle Koffer [pictured], Chief Client Officer, Mindshare U.S. “Ongoing feedback and coaching from your manager is one of the most critical components to a person’s development at work, as well as mentorship from other role models. It’s something that should be widespread, not unintentionally limited to specific demographics.” More...