The New Dataiku: A Central Hub For Enterprise Analytics, Machine Learning, And Data Science

Data Iku flow (1).png

Building upon the needs of their customers, some of whom have dozens and even hundreds of users of the software, Dataiku releases a new version that establishes it as a central hub for the development of advanced data science, machine learning, and analytics products.

NEW YORK, November 14 –  With a wide range of new and improved features aimed at making data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics accessible to organizations as a whole, data science software maker Dataiku has today released Dataiku 4.1. The new and improved software platform acts as a central hub for technical and non-technical users to prototype, build, scale, deploy, and manage advanced data science products. 

“We are focused on building a platform that is a single hub for an enterprise’s data science and machine learning development - that’s what this release reflects,” said Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku. “Many of our customers already use Dataiku with hundreds of users from all different backgrounds, from data engineers, to developers, to non-technical analysts, to perform advanced analytics and to develop data science solutions. This latest release strengthens enterprise scale development and deployment of these solutions among and across teams.” More...