The Straight Talk on CDPs

mparticle The Straight Talk on CDPs.png

March 11, 2019 - mParticle: In the past few years, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have emerged as a modern infrastructure alternative to traditional databases that cannot cope with the speed, volume, variety or ever-evolving governance requirements of today’s customer data. They address themselves to a long-existing challenge: Wrangling customer data into a persistent, universal profile, and making the data available for analysis and action in order to improve the customer experience (CX).

In February 2019, Winterberry Group, in partnership with the Association of National Advertisers (the “ANA”), surveyed more than 400 marketers, advertisers, publishers, technology developers and marketing service providers with the goal of capturing best practices and establishing an industry-standard definition of what it means to be CDP.

The conclusion: More than 80% of companies currently classifying themselves as CDPs are not actually CDPs.

Download the report today, courtesy of mParticle, to learn:
- What is a CDP — and why is it critical to modern marketing?
- How do CDPs differ from other, data-centered marketing technologies?
- What are the primary use cases for CDPs today? How are they likely to mature?
- How has the CDP market evolved over time? How will it evolve over the coming years?
- What key considerations should brands take into account before engaging a CDP?