The Validity of Online Audience Measurement

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October 31, 2017 - Michael Bratt of The Media Online writes: Digital companies who crow about the specifics they have on their audience numbers and the insights they have on them, may be overstating this fact. Twitter has admitted it miscounted its monthly user numbers for three years, and Facebook has come under fire for inconsistencies in its stated user numbers versus official census data in America. These are not the only prominent examples, which begs the question: Just how trustworthy is online audience measurement?

IAB seeks service provider

In South Africa, a tender is currently out for an online audience measurement vendor for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). At present, Effective Measure (EM) handles this aspect of the IAB’s business. The company uses a site-based measurement methodology with JavaScript tags embedded in sites of publishers who are IAB members (currently standing at 58). Greg Mason, regional lead for Sub-Saharan Africa at Effective Measure, explains how tags work. “This tag is placed onto a website and is triggered for each page impression a visitor makes to the site. When the tag is triggered, cookies are created within the visitor’s browser, which allows the measurement tool to accurately identify device type and country of access (via IP address).” A software development kit (SDK), which caters for application measurement, is also part of the Effective Measure system. More...