Unruly Applies MediaCom’s Groundbreaking Cultural Insights To Testing And Targeting Solutions

Phil Townend

Phil Townend

Bali, Indonesia May 2, 2018  - Alistair Griffiths, Global Customer Engagement Manager at Unruly, writes: Bali, Indonesia – May 2nd 2018 – Did you know that Indonesia is one of the most collective cultures in the world, second only to Nigeria? This means Indonesians put the welfare of their community or group first, rather than the specific wants or needs of individuals within it. Philippines and Thailand are also highly collective, while Singapore is more towards the individualistic – they place more emphasis on personal freedom, and rely more on the state than on their network.

Such unique insight into how culture in the various SEA countries compares with other countries around the globe has been used to create two new products, launched today at the prestigious APMF Conference by trusted video marketplace, Unruly. These products are designed to help advertisers maximise the impact of their video content and target cultural audiences at scale.

The News Corp-owned company has applied these and many more cultural findings from across the world to its video content testing solution and targeting segments. Unruly can do this thanks to its exclusive access to MediaCom’s groundbreaking Cultural Connections research, created in conjunction with the world-famous Hofstede Insights.

Part of its UnrulyEQ Max testing solution, cultural insights is an algorithm that tells advertisers how well their video content will resonate across 52 different markets around the world, allowing brands to adapt their content at the pre-testing stage for maximum cultural effectiveness worldwide. Marketers will gain insights about the territories on which they should focus the majority of their distribution budgets.

Unruly has also applied its exclusive cultural insights and data to its video targeting segments, helping brands and agencies to target cultural groups within different markets around the world.

These off-the-shelf, first-party data segments, help advertisers maximise campaign performance and reduce media wastage by targeting audiences where their content will have the most cultural affinity.

Speaking from Bali, Phil Townend [pictured], Unruly’s CCO for APAC, said, “Thanks to our unique access to MediaCom’s groundbreaking Cultural Connections data, video advertising has just become a lot smarter and our UnrulyEQ cultural testing and targeting product is available to all agencies and clients worldwide. More...