Verve™ Strengthens Hyper-Targeted Audience Segmentation and Rich Storytelling Offering with German Acquisition

Ian James

Ian James

LONDON, 19 June 2017: Verve™, the global leader in location-powered mobile marketing, today announces its acquisition of German push marketing specialists matchinguu GmbH, accelerating its expansion across international markets. The matchinguu GmbH proximity-based push and in-app notification product will be integrated into the Verve Velocity:tm: platform, thereby enabling Verve’s clients to reach new European audiences with enhanced mobile advertising experiences aligned to the unique needs and expectations of consumers in the EU.

As Verve expands further into markets across the globe, it is keen to continually enhance its offering with new mobile advertising products that bring brands and publishers closer to the consumer in a more useful and relevant way, especially in stores and at other physical locations. Adding push capabilities to its global product portfolio will offer Verve’s premium publisher and retail partners an unrivaled product to deliver highly engaging campaigns based on the best quality first-party location data, and in formats appealing to the European consumer. Further, the matchinguu solution bolsters Verve’s developer toolkit to help brands interact with their known customers within their owned and operated mobile apps. The resulting audience data provides additional context that can be used to reach those same customers in other third party apps through the Verve Velocity™ platform.

The acquisition fast-tracks Verve’s expansion into Europe, with integration of the Verve software development kit (SDK) into major mobile apps throughout Germany, where matchinguu commands a 25% penetration rate of the smartphone market. SDK integration into hundreds of popular apps in Europe’s largest economy will enable Verve’s clients to deliver richer and more engaging mobile advertising based on real-time consumer behavior. The second largest advertising market in Western Europe, Germany’s mobile ad spend is expected to reach $3.5 billion in 2017, for the first time accounting for more than half of Western European digital ad spend, presenting ample opportunity for Verve’s clients to reach new audiences.

“The acquisition came naturally, thanks to the complementary technologies and both parties having similar missions: enabling great storytelling through location-powered data,” said Ian James [pictured], General Manager International at Verve. “We are opening the doors to Germany’s foremost push technology; working together will make our offering even stronger for our clients and bring Verve firmly into the heart of Europe. Consumers demand relevance and engagement that is as seamless as possible and this acquisition will empower us to deliver this more than ever.” More...