VideoAmp Expands People-Based Ads With LiveRamp

Jay Prasad

Jay Prasad

October 24, 2018 - Jon Lafayette of B&C writes: VideoAmp is working with LiveRamp as it rolls out a new product called TV Viewership Audiences.

With more advertisers switching from demographic targeting to people-based targeting, TV Video Audiences help buyers and marketers bring first party data to linear TV planning, buying and optimization and combine it with digital metrics and identities to optimize cross-channel campaigns.

VideoAmp is making the data-based audience segments it identifies using automatic content recognition technology and viewing information from set-top boxes, available to be used on other platforms.

VideoAmp’s advanced planning system has handled more than $10 billion in media investment since last April. Now VideoAmp’s custom TV Viewership Audiences updates TV exposure data continually, ensuring that campaigns are building incremental reach while controlling over-exposure.

The LiveRamp Data store connects the audiences segments to other platforms, said Jay Prasad [pictured], VideoAmp’s chief strategy officer. “VideoAmp is also using LiveRamp’s Identity Link to augment and validate its digital graph, giving it more scale." More...