Webtrekk Announces Cross-Device Bridge

Webtrekk Cross Device.png

Cooperative Pool of Cross-Device Data Helps Identify Users Across Devices and Expands Clients' Data Targeting Opportunities
Berlin, 28 November 2017 - Webtrekk, the leading customer intelligence platform, today announces the official launch of its Cross-Device Bridge (CDB), a cooperative pool of cross-device data which enables companies to find their users on other devices.

In an era of hyper-connected customers, Webtrekk found that, on average, as many as 30% of customers convert across more than one device. In order to achieve maximum conversions, companies need to be aware of their users’ behavior across all their devices. Differences in mobile and desktop devices make this challenging, but through sharing their data in Webtrekk’s CDB, customer conversions can be increased by over 15%.

Creating a cross-device overview of users

In order to use the data pool, companies share their data in exchange for that of other members of the pool. Those who opt in for Webtrekk’s cross-device bridge will thus be able to take advantage of a holistic view of their customers’ behavior across devices.

For example, suppose Customer X has visited both Company A and Company B on both his mobile and desktop device. If Company A is aware of Customer X’s desktop and mobile behavior, but Company B only has data pertaining to the customer’s mobile behavior, then the sharing of this data will allow Company B to match Customer X’s desktop device with his mobile one.

“We’re very excited to have reached this point – a lot of market players are talking about cross-device attribution, but we’re the first to take it to the next level,” says Wolf Lichtenstein, CEO of Webtrekk. “By signing up our cross-device bridge, companies will be able to enrich their data with user insights from even more devices, thus offering their customers a streamlined experience." More...