What's driving Japan's growing appetite for smart data

July 13, 2016 - Helen Roxburgh of CampaignAsia writes: Despite its maturity, Japan lags the US and Europe in its use of data to inform marketing. Yet marketers are demanding more from their investments, and more transparency.

In spite of sizeable shifts in recent years, most acknowledge that the Japanese market still trails peer markets in its use of data to inform marketing activities. Advertising and marketing activities remain largely focused on traditional media and relationships, and the process has been less than transparent.

“There is still a gap in Japan,” says Anthony Plant [pictured], CEO of IPG Mediabrands Japan. “Western markets have shifted to a real-time model with a huge digital and increasingly huge programmatic focus to their communications, while Japan has been very much driven by traditional media, and hasn’t been transparent or accountable in the same way as other markets. So Japan is behind that curve. 

“What you see is that some clients that are comfortable with that older model and will be for some years, especially some of the more traditional Japanese clients. The global clients, because they are exposed to what is happening in other markets, are much more aggressive in demanding and driving a more accountable communications model, but we are also seeing a Japan client base that is much more eager to get to this model as they look both inside Japan and outside for potential regional and global opportunities.” More...