Why Big Brands Like Electronic Arts Aren’t Playing Games With Identity

August 9, 2017 - Brian Ferrario, Vice President of Marketing at Drawbridge, writes for Adweek: With a projected $83 billion in revenue this year, it’s obvious that digital advertising is growing faster than ever. But the industry remains dominated by Google and Facebook, and these two giants control the precious customer data that hundreds of thousands of brands rely on to engage with their audiences.

While Facebook and Google are not going away anytime soon, brands and publishers are making moves to take back ownership over their audience data so that they can better understand customers outside the walled gardens. An early pioneer in this is Electronic Arts.

EA analyzed its unique set of user IDs and data—which was anonymized, hashed and matched against digital audiences—for the purpose of understanding each gamer’s unique preferences and behaviors. By building its own identity graph in order to better understand its users, the leading publisher of games on console, PC and mobile is the first major gaming company to build this in-house. More...