WPP Restructures Around Integration and Single P&Ls

Mark Read

Mark Read

November 27, 2018 - Sean Hargrave of MediaPost writes: As JWT and Wunderman merge, shortly after Y&R and VML were also brought together, we are starting to see what Mark Read [pictured] thinks WPP should look like, and so far, it all appears to make a lot of sense.

Advertisers want the option of dealing with a single, streamlined ad agency with creative, strategy and digital all under one roof. Compared to the alternative of having to look around for various shops, the merged WPP agencies would appear to offer advertisers interested in a one-stop-shop approach what they are looking for.

I also suspect the benefit we are not seeing written about is a single P&L. In fact, I'm surprised about how little coverage this gets because, from my experience, it's a huge issue for advertisers. Even if it's not equated to a single billing structure, advertisers have long complained about budgets growing as work is handed out to sister agencies and multiple teams all vie to increase the size of the pie.

Advertisers generally want to have the pie stay the same size and for sister agencies to bid for varying portions, as long as it doesn't mean bigger budgets as mission creep sets in. More...