YouGov Launches Popularity Rankings

Stephan Shakespeare

Stephan Shakespeare

November 7, 2018 - Posted at researchlive: UK - YouGov has launched its popularity ratings service, YouGov Ratings, in the UK market.

The tool measures the fame and popularity of public figures, companies, charities and brands, across a number of categories including politicians, musicians, TV shows and supermarkets.

Ratings are based on nationally representative survey data collected by YouGov since May 2018, with the free-to-use tool updated weekly to add new data.

Each of the categories can be explored by age demographic and gender, and the service also displays links between fans of one thing and fans of another.

Stephan Shakespeare [pictured], co-founder and chief executive at YouGov, said: “We want to show what Britain thinks all in one place. We want marketers to access easy-to-use reference data that will help them in straight-forward ways – be it pitching, research, or getting a basic understanding of fans of a brand, programme, or personality.” More...