Zeotap: Fireside Chat with Vishal Chinchankar – Chief Digital Officer at Madison

Vishal Chinchankar

Vishal Chinchankar

July 1, 2017 - Neeraj Singhal, Country Manager, India at zeotap, writes: We had the pleasure to talk to Vishal Chinchankar [pictured], Chief Digital Officer at Madison and gain some insights into how they look at data, and how zeotap plays a key role in their strategy.

Madison has been collaborating with zeotap which has consistently improved the outcomes that they have been able to deliver to their clients thanks to its deterministic data at scale.

You can read the full interview below:

Tell us about yourself and your role at the company.
Currently, I am associated with Madison Media as a Chief Digital Officer. I love being a part of one of the fastest growing sectors in India – the digital sector. It has been a fruitful journey so far, and I’ve spent more than two decades in this sector. At Madison, I have enabled a mid-sized team to grow big and deliver results oriented campaigns.

I have managed roles that span across marketing and sales, and new product development, involving both startup and growth organizations that have led to client delight.

What could you tell us about the data industry in India, and how has it been in the past few years?
Indian organizations are shifting from traditional and tactical data projects to strategic, modern, and architecture-centric data and analytics programs. Today’s marketers are increasingly focusing on business outcomes, exploring the algorithmic business, and, most importantly, building trust with business and external partners. In particular, they are working toward adopting smart data discovery, augmented analytics, and data virtualization to stay ahead of the curve, not only from the business but also from the marketing point of view. More...