Zeotap Secures US Patent for Telecom Network ID Mapping Solution; Earns Worldwide Recognition for its Technology

Projjol Banerjea

Projjol Banerjea

BERLIN, LONDON, MILAN, PARIS, MADRID, NEW YORK, BENGALURU, 25 September: The global data company zeotap announced today that its technology platform zeoCoreTM, which processes and merges large sets of raw data for optimal customized campaign performance, has received its first patent in the US recognizing its innovative telecom network-based ID mapping solution. Meanwhile, the company has two pending patents in the EU and Canada, which upon approval will make zeoCoreTM a recognized and protected solution in some of the major mobile advertising markets in the world.

The earned patent reflects a GDPR-compliant process of linking traditional and digital identifiers with deterministic user data within telecom network environments. This proprietary technology solution is the only one of its kind globally and has helped zeotap secure leading telecom operators the world over as clients. You can access the US patent documentation here.

Zeotap’s engineers worked for more than three years to achieve this feat in collaboration with two external teams of German and US lawyers and patent attorneys who provided their legal guidance with the filing process. The effort was buttressed by the previous experience of zeotap members who have previous IP-related experience with successful patents for companies such as IBM Watson, Cisco and Symantec.

“ZeoCoreTM is a breakthrough solution that contributes to the industry by offering something not previously available: offline to online ID linking capabilities,” says Jannik Podlesny, Solutions Architect at zeotap “This is made possible by our uniquely architected technology solution that enables the anonymous mapping and processing of customer data within the telecom data network.”

“We’re a technology-focused company and we’ve invested heavily in engineering and data science since inception,” says Projjol Banerjea [pictured] – Founder & CPO at zeotap. “These patents clearly evince the long-term competitive advantage we’ve developed with zeoCoreTM.” More...