I-COM Global Summit 2016

'Making Data Human'

Seville, Spain, April 18 – 21, 2016


In April 2016, the 7th edition of the I-COM Global Summit gathered more than 400 experts in Smart Data Marketing from over 30 different countries in Seville, Spain. 

After a week of insightful presentations, innovative projects and a good dose of Spanish culture and fun, one thing was clear: in order to make data human, people need to be at the center of advertising and communication strategies. 

The output from I-COM Global Summit 2016 has been brought together in a special whitepaper Making Data Human that is now available.

As people become more aware of the value and uses of their personal data and the privacy debate gains momentum, marketers have the opportunity to find more ways to build trust through transparency, the sharing of data and a true value exchange with people.  

I-COM is continuing to build upon the new and innovative areas covered in Seville – such as ongoing trends in device fragmentation, increase in mobile use and online video consumption, the evolution towards programmatic TV and the emergence of new ad formats like native advertising – all bring with them both challenges and opportunities.

To learn more about Making Data Human, you can access the official I-COM Global Summit 2016 whitepaper though our partners at Digilant – enter your details to receive your digital copy.