Alex Schumacher - Principal, Alex Schumacher Consulting, USA

Alex Schumacher is the Principal of Alex Schumacher Consulting.

Previously, he was the Vice President of Marketing for Consumer Insights at Experian Marketing Services, where he lead marketing for the Consumer Insights & Targeting group at Experian Marketing Services working with marketers, agencies and publishers to improve audience targeting, customer strategy and marketing performance through actionable consumer insight. He was responsible for using his strategic marketing and communications experience to bring innovative technology solutions to market including data, analytics and digital advertising services.

Alex is a passionate advocate for creatively using data to deliver powerful brand experiences and the promise of customer-centric marketing strategies.

Alex has over 15 years of experience across a variety of marketing, business development and consulting roles for data and analytics firms. When he is not traveling for work or pleasure, Alex is eternally grateful to be living with his wife in the San Francisco Bay Area.