Alexander Vasilevich - CEO, Vondel/Hepta, Belarus

Alexander Vasilevich is the CEO of ZenithOptimedia Belarus and also the CEO of Publicis Hepta Belarus.

As ZenithOptimedia was the first agency in Belarus to plan digital media and currenlty is one of the largest media agency in the country - Alexander was always an active participant in a process of formation and development of the advertising and digital market in Belarus. Since 2000 he has been working in the Publicis and ZenithOptimedia structures in Belarus. Alexander made ZO the largest player in online media advertising in Belarus. Leading the development of digital market on Belarus Alexander initiated and headed set of studies and events introducing innovative tools for the market: annual digital market measurement, online audience measurement launch, etc.

Alexander's previous job experience includes working in different print and online media as a finance, banking and economical observer.