Arthur Coleman - General Manager, Acxiom Research, Acxiom, USA

Arthur Coleman is the General Manager for Acxiom Research, Acxiom’s R&D division, where is responsible for identifying new technologies that can disrupt Acxiom’s business and develop new products and businesses to allow Acxiom to thrive amongst the discontinuous change such technologies create. His teams work on products using technologies as far ranging as natural language processing, data fingerprinting, blockchain, self-sovereign identity, and personal data vaults for next-generation consumer privacy.

Prior to his current role, Arthur was one of the leaders of the data science team at Acxiom, where delivered several products based on predictive analytics, including cross-channel attribution and cross-channel device identification. 

Prior to this, he held roles as Chief Scientist for 4INFO, a mobile advertising network and was VP Analytics for Glu Mobile. 

He has a BA and joint MBA/MS (Robotics) from Stanford University.

In his spare time, Arthur is an avid cyclist and adventure racer.