Azeem Azhar - VP Venture & Foresight, Schibsted Classified Media, UK

Azeem Azhar is the Director of Product, Marketplaces at Schibsted Classified Media, UK

Azeem is the Founder and CEO of PeerIndex, a big data company that has built the social media analytics platform PiQ.

PiQ provides deep insights into the people, content and brands being talked about and shared within audiences on Twitter. With over 300M active tweeters indexed - PiQ turns large data sets into a human understanding of any social media audience.

It offers marketers and PR departments the ability to track trending conversations in real-time, identify relevant key influencers and monitor their, and their competitor's social media performance.

Azeem has worked with and invested in several startups including Seedcamp, eSouk, AMI Software, PlanetOut, Daylife, EVI and others.

He has been a correspondent at The Guardian and The Economist and helped launch innovation programmes there and at the BBC and Reuters.