Chris Jantz-Sell - VP Product, SambaTV, USA

Chris Jantz-Sell is the VP Global Growth & Strategy at Samba TV, a data and analytics company that measures television viewership across screens. In his current role, Chris is responsible for Samba’s international expansion and global strategy. Chris joined Samba TV in 2012 and spent 5 years as Samba’s VP of Product where he built and led product, design and data science teams, directed OEM integration strategy, managed core technology development and oversaw the company’s advertising, analytics, and consumer offerings.

Prior to Samba TV, Chris spent more than 10 years defining and executing product and business strategies for various tech start-ups and played a key role during three separate acquisitions.

Chris holds an MBA from Harvard Business School as well as a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics and Computer Science from Hamilton College. Chris is currently binge watching Sons of Anarchy and Friday Night Lights.