Derek Abdinor - Digital Media Management, South Africa

Derek is the General Manager: Avusa Media Live at AVUSA in South Africa. Derek's career began in digital corporate communication where he established technical benchmarks for leading corporate websites such as SABMiller. He spent eight years specialising in enhancing the online investor communications market through technical delivery, innovation around data dissemination and original ways of communicating compliance.

He moved to Times Media in 2011 to consolidate the growing LIVE network. The publishing websites have diversified to create their own value propositions largely separate from the original websites. Times Media LIVE is South Africa's third largest network and continues to grow through the addition of group partner sites such as Elle and the Junction portfolio.

While Derek has an interest in the intersection between data and publishing, as well as the conversion of readers to customers, he considers himself a professional manager first and foremost: solving business problems with the tools at hand.