Eduardo Salazar - Founder, GenS, UK

Eduardo Salazar is the Founder of GenS.

He’s also the founder of MacroAnalytica, a marketing response and foresight consulting practice providing ad-hoc advice to C-suite and senior marketers across multiple industries.

Throughout his 30 years' experience in the fields of data science, business intelligence, marketing and media analytics, Eduardo has developed innovative techniques to transform complex data assets into information and for translating such information into key market, consumer and shopper trends.

Eduardo is also a Senior Advisor/SME in Marketing Research and Data Management to HCL Technologies EMEA and CSO for Kwangl, a technology start-up in the Social Media space. He is also a Technology Partner to the Customer Analytics Farm, a leading programme of the Innovations Farm ran by the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid.

He has been part of the EMEA Advisory Board for MarketShare, a global leader in marketing analytics technology.

Prior to MacroAnalytica, he was Global Head of Effectiveness and Analytics at Aegis Media and Managing Partner at Ohal (now Gain Theory, a WPP company). Along that path he has succeeded in delivering integrated, evidence-based insights that have helped many global brands achieve a tangible competitive advantage.

Earlier in his career Eduardo worked in academia, primarily in the fields of applied econometrics and mathematical economics. He has also been Professor of Media Analytics at the ESIC Business School in Spain.