Elissa Moses - CEO, BrainGroup Global, USA

Elissa Moses is the CEO of BrainGroup Global.

Most recently, she was the Head of the Ipsos Centre of Excellence for Neuro & Behavioral Science. The “Centre” develops nonconscious measurement tools for understanding engagement and emotion, particularly for all aspects of the brand experience from communications, product usage, shopper journey, etc. Ipsos is a global leader in providing Neuro/Behavioral Science measures worldwide including Facial Coding, Implicit Reaction Time, EEG, Biometrics and Eye Tracking.

Prior to joining Ipsos, Elissa was CAO at EmSense pioneering neuro applications to ad testing, package testing and in-store shopper research. Earlier, Elissa was head of Philips Global Consumer Intelligence/Strategy, Managing Partner at Grey, Head of Strategy at DMB&B and Founder/Managing Director at BrainWaves. She is a professional speaker, author of numerous articles, the book The $100 Billion Allowance, co-author of ESOMAR’s “36 Questions to Help Commission Neuroscience Research” and a reviewer for the Journal of Advertising Research.