George Musi - EVP - Chief Data, Analytics & Insights Officer, Blue 449 (a Publicis company), USA

George Musi is the EVP, Chief Data, Analytics & Insights Officer at Blue 449, a global full service media agency that specializes in integrated marketing and communications strategies. Blue 449 is one of the four global media brands in the Publicis Media Network.

He’s part Business & Marketing Consultant + part Marketing Scientist + part Data Translator + part Insight Generator + part Storyteller + part Consumer Psychologist + part Media & Cultural Anthropologist = all Strategist.

George is a thought leader, subject matter expert and trusted advisor with a proven track record of success applying and fitting diverse data sources and analytic, research and measurement methods to enlighten, empower and enable marketers to make timely, smarter decisions across media channels, the campaign life cycle (planning, execution & optimization) & consumer decision journey to (more effectively & efficiently) drive relevance, scale and performance.

He has deep domain knowledge and experience across all media channels (digital & offline), data (what we should capture, how we should capture it, the decisioning as a result), media & consumer research methods (both qualitative & quantitative), analytical techniques (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive) and measurement frameworks (what to measure, how to measure, the best ways to make it happen).

George has excellent skills at ‘connecting the dots’, getting behind the data, discovering knowledge and creating intelligence to deliver the ‘whats’ (address business questions & objectives), the ‘so-whats & why’ (understand drivers and provide context & hypotheses) and the ‘what nexts’ (state implications & recommend strategic action).

George’s strategic thinking coupled with his understanding of brand’s marketing & business performance, competitive performance, category/industry conditions, consumer behaviors & trends, cultural zeitgeist, macro-economic indicators, and the media eco-system, fuels media planning, investment and optimization for clients.

He is a recognized industry authority and has published POVs, articles and whitepapers on topics dealing with data, research, analytics, measurement, modeling, etc. George is also frequent speaker at media and advertising industry conferences. Additionally, he serves on several committees, councils and advisory boards in the media and advertising space.