Georges-Edouard Dias - Owner, Chef Remy Conseils, France

Georges-Edouard Dias is the Owner of Chef Remy Conseils, France.

Georges-Edouard, strong of a 15+ years’ experience in the digital space, is currently running a consulting firm, Chef Remy Conseils, aimed at helping big CPG companies achieve marketing efficiencies through a better mastering of data.

Together with his role as a consultant, he teaches digital and big data at HEC Paris.

Until June 2013, Georges-Edouard Dias was acting as Chief Digital Officer at L’Oreal, a position that he had occupied since 2001. With his team, he drove L’Oréal’s shift into the digital age, which included transformation of communication, sales operations, and management processes for every L’Oreal division worldwide: from setting partnership with leading global digital players such as Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft, to rethinking the role of direct communication and customer interaction in the marketing mix, thanks to an integrated CRM & Media approach. Dias was previously VP of Interactive Development at L’Oreal USA, where he defined L’Oreal’s policy related to digital commerce and launched the first selling sites in L’Oreal’s history.

Dias interactive career commenced when he was promoted as project manager in charge of launching L’Oreal corporate web site in 1997, an important change from his previous positions in the group that were mostly marketing focused; from product manager at Garnier International when he joined L’Oreal after he graduated from HEC in France in 1983, to VP of Marketing at Vichy International before he was moved to corporate.