Ghanshyam Ahuja - Director & Chief Marketing Officer, JamiQ Private Limited, Singapore

Ghanshyam Ahuja is the Director & Chief Marketing Officer of JamiQ.Com - a Pioneer and multi-award winning social media & big data analytics platform from Asia.

He has been instrumental in reshaping JamiQ into a major platform of choice for regional/local language monitoring with specific industry focus on Financial services and Healthcare industry. He is a Passionate Entrepreneur cum angle investor and a "Go-To" person for building Technology & Business Consulting business in Asia-Pacific. He has keen interest in "SMAC (Social,Mobile,Analytics & Cloud)" based disruptive solutions. At JamiQ he has been involved in Partnering with Media agencies and Brands to develop ideas by using power of Social Media and Identify Actionable Insights for key clients using Cross Channel Analytics. He has been actively involved in different Gov't and private sector initiatives in Singapore for building the overall ecosystem of BigData providers. He has been speaker/panellist on different forums/seminars on Social media and big data analytics. He comes with 19+ years of experience in consulting, big data and technology. Previously he was Director South East Asia for Deloitte where he successfully commercialised the services of "Deloitte Analytics Institute".