Hailong Wang - Business Manager, Hylink, China

Hailong Wang has more than 10 years working experience in digital marketing industry. He used to work in 24/7media and Lycos before he joined Hylink Digital Solution Co., Ltd in 2004. He is a prominent strategic thinker, who's able to help international and local first-tier brand clients in positioning in Chinese market and achieve their business goals, based on his understandings of Chinese netizens. He displayed first-class integrated communication capability, consumer insights and visionary in the development of the industry, during his in-depth cooperation with Chinese mainstream digital media. Top clients he served include China Mobile, Bank of China, FAW-Volkswagen (Volkswagen and Audi brand), Panasonic, Manchester United Football Club, Yili, Tsingtao Beer, Motorola, BMW and AMD, etc.

Hailong Wang is responsible for business management of Hylink Digital Solution Beijing Office and also media management of Hylink Digital Solution national wide.