Hairong Crigler, PhD - Vice President, Data Science & Analytics, Shutterstock, USA

Hairong Crigler is the Vice President of Analytics at Experian Marketing Services.

Hairong has more than 20 years of experience leading marketing analytics organizations as well as delivering strategic and innovative analytical services across multiple industries. Currently she is the leader of Experian Marketing Analytics group which includes Analytical Consultants, Data Scientists, Data Modelers, and Data Engineers with many years of domain knowledge and business experiences. Hairong’s team helps marketers understand their customers, find more of them, and grow customer value through analytical solutions that unlock data’s full power. Hairong’s deep analytical knowledge, extended industry experience and strong leadership enable her to lead her team to solve business problems with insightful and actionable analytical solutions and deliver satisfactory financial results. She is a highly recognized marketing analytics leader and expert. She is also winner of two Experian Innovation Idea of the Year awards.

Hairong holds a Ph. D. degree in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She taught database marketing at New York University as guest professor and was a faculty member at the graduate school of continuous studies at Northwestern University from 2011 to 2012. She is also a current member of I-COM’s Data Science Board.