Jaydeep Chaudhuri - Regional Managing Partner, MediaCom, Singapore

Jaydeep Chaudhuri is the Regional Leader in Category & Content at MediaCom in Singapore.

In the last 15 years, Jaydeep had worked in key roles in most parts of the media / communications agency system - strategic planning, trading, heading regional business units as well as now running a cutting new-age content agenda

Jaydeep loves the challenge of learning and adapting to different cultures and leading multi-cultural teams - and he have been in hugely varying market structures ( Mumbai / Chennai / Bangalore / Taipei / Jakarta / Singapore ) -- 6 markets in 4 countries panning an experience of over a 1.5 billion consumers. What has always intrigued him in alien landscapes is : how similar consumers are at the core, in spite of significant differences in affluence, education, cultural mores.

Jaydeep in the words of Pink Floyd - has never traded "a walk-on part in the war, for a lead role in the cage" - and that has led him incubating a mobile start-up and then handing over the reins to people who would run it best. The same spirit has brought him to this role in MediaCom.

In MediaCom, Jaydeep leads a unique function that was created at the convergence of consumer motivations, brand needs and the fast evolving entertainment space. With the canvas of some of the largest brands in the world, his remit is to ensure brands bring engaging stories to life and in the bargain - get to tell people their stories as well.