John Durham - CEO, Catalyst S+F, USA

John Durham is the CEO / General Partner at CATALYST S+F in the US. He is a gifted Marketing Strategist and has created strategic solutions for consumer brands that include Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Del Monte Foods and Fiat Motors. He won an Effie for a Winstar B2B campaign.

At Catalyst S+F, John drives strategic planning, promotion, customer service and P&L for a provider of advertising solutions that span traditional and electronic marketing. He works with decision makers to define goals and translate clients' visions into real worldresults. He formulates strategy, messaging, and programs, produce case studies, business launch, and product roll-out plans that unfailingly communicate brand and value propositions to advertisers, agencies and partners.

John has obtained Master of Arts: Political Marketing at University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY and Bachelor of Arts: Political Science | Marketing at Georgetown University, Washington, DC.