Karim Khalifa - CEO & Co-Founder, Digital Republic, Egypt

Karim Khalifa, MIEE, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Republic. He has also been elected as the Co-Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) in the Middle East and has held senior positions Worldwide in Vodafone, Lucent Technologies; Maersk; Hilton Group and SODIC Real Estate.

Karim’s expertise lies in all that is digital. He has pioneered the mobile internet from its inception in 2000 with Vodafone Global in London, and managed the delivery of the first Egyptian 3G network with Vodafone in 2007. Notably, Karim championed the creation of the mobile advertising industry in The Middle East - launching the first comprehensive mobile ad portfolio in the Region in 2008. In 2009, Karim Co-Founded Digital Republic, the leading creative, digitally inspired Ad Agency based in Cairo and Dubai.