Kelly Kokonas - EVP Data, Technology & Analytics, Starcom Global, USA

Kelly Kokonas is a champion of data transformation through technology and analytics with 23+ years of agency experience across global, regional, and US clients.

Kelly works across Starcom’s global client teams to ensure the right people, technology, and processes are in place. Her work includes advocating for consistent taxonomy for reporting, Publicis PeopleCloud, audience addressability, attribution, and accountability results. She also spearheads teamwork on data maturity assessments to realize data-driven transformation for over 35 clients in the US and 12+ global clients across 70+ markets.

Kelly’s career experiences span categories – pharmaceutical, technology, automotive, FMCG, retail, food services/fast food – and through her client engagements has become a skilled consultant on marketing measurement techniques, quantitative and qualitative research methods, integration of analytics into strategic decision-making, and acceleration of data-driven value-creation practices. She’s worked for Publicis in home base cities such as Guangzhou China, Detroit Michigan, New York New York, and currently Chicago.