Kiril Tsemekhman, PhD - Chief Data Officer and SVP, Integral Ad Science, USA

Kiril Tsemekhman is the Senior Vice President and Chief Data Officer at Integral Ad Science. Kiril joined Integral Ad Science in 2012 and oversees a talented team of data scientists and engineers working on the marketing industry’s most challenging problems. Under his leadership, the data science team has developed solutions ranging from comprehensive media quality and risk management data platforms, to best-in-breed fraud detection and prevention programs, to the industry’s first ad campaign measurement solution based on causality.

Kiril‘s career in online advertising spans other innovative startups, including Red Aril, where he was CTO and Chief Scientist. He led the development of the Data Management Platform, and built and managed a team of engineers and scientists with whom he introduced innovative big data analytics and real-time solutions.

Before joining the marketing world, Kiril had a career in research and taught Physics and Chemistry at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Kiril holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Washington.