Laurent Nicolas - Founder and President, Point Nemo, France

Laurent Nicolas is an entrepreneur and 20-year veteran of online analytics and adtech. He co-invented the ad-viewability measurement in 2007 and, back in 1998, developed NetValue's audience measurement system which is today used for Nielsen's online panels.

Laurent co-founded Alenty in 2007, the first and leading specialist in ad-viewability, and served as CEO of the company until its acquisition by AppNexus in 2014. Than he served as Vice-President Product and Strategic Market Development of AppNexus until the end of 2018.

In 2018, he founded Point Nemo, which focuses on investment and coaching for start-ups, along with consulting in his area of expertise.

Laurent graduated as an engineer from ParisTech-ENSTA in 1994 and received an MBA from ESCP-Europe in 2005.