Linda Hoeberigs - Lead Data Science Manager, People Data Centre, Unilever, Netherland

Linda Hoeberigs is the Lead Data Science Manager for Unilever’s People Data Centres, where she focusses on enhancing marketing and market research through data science for the firm’s Consumer Market Insight function. Current responsibilities and passions include social listening, natural language processing, digital brand tracking and machine learning based predictive research.

After obtaining her BA (Hons.) in Social Sciences, Linda started working for Unilever’s restaurant and hotel business, whilst obtaining an MSc in International Financial Econometrics from Utrecht University in the same year. Having touched upon the analytics space in Finance, CRM, NPD and HR, Linda moved to London to join the Global People Data Centres as a Data Scientist, later Data Science Manager, to find a passion for marketing measurement and enhancement, and has been working in this area for the past 3 years.